Hello there! My name is Sarah! I'm a 20-year-old little pixie studying acting in the breathtaking city of San Francisco, which I am so fortunate to call my home! My passions include theatre, vintage-inspired lingerie, mashed potatoes, hugs, kittens, and anything pink! I also seem to end most sentences with an exclamation point!

The Petite Pixie was started as a result of needing an outlet outside of the real world. A place where I can find people with similar interests and taste as me from all over the world--and what better place than the internet? For years I have adored a numerous amount of personal style and lifestyle blogs, and have constantly told myself I want to do that. Eventually, I did give it a try for myself, over at Love and Velvet. Something was missing, however. I wanted something a bit more personal and loads more me. Thus, The Petite Pixie was created, and everything finally fits perfectly.

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